DIML / CVLAB RGB+D Dataset (Indoor + Outdoor)
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Sample Data

If you'd like to preview our dataset in order to ensure that its use is right for your project, please consider downloading the sample images below.


  • depth_field : filled depth images using colorization (mm, 16bit png)
  • depth_raw : Raw depth images (mm, 16bit png)
  • depth_v : Normalized depth images for visualization purpose (8bit png)
  • color : Color images obtained from Kinect v2 (8bit png)


  • Left : Left images obtained from ZED camera (8bit png)
  • Right : Right images obtained from ZED camera (8bit png)
  • Disparity : Disparity maps obtained by stereo matching (8bit png)
  • Depth : Disparity -> Depth (mm, 16bit png)
  • Confidence : Confidence maps for stereo matching (8bit png)