About DIML

Digital Image Media Lab is a research lab based in Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. Since the lab was founded in 1996 under supervision of Prof. Kwanghoon Sohn, we have been conducting research on diverse topics in image processing and computer vision area. We develop algorithms that serve as a fundamental building block for 3D video processing and intelligent computer vision systems, which then can be applied to the next generation techniques such as 3D TV and biometrics.

Some of the selected topics we are interested and currently working on are:

  • Digital Image processing
  • 3D Video Acquisition
    Multi-view Video Processing
    Image Enhancement / Editing

  • Intelligent Computer Vision
  • ADAS(advanced driver assistance systems)
    Multispectral Imaging / Feature Extraction
    Deep Learning for Vision

We are currently participating in various research projects funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea. We are also cooperating intensively with industrial partners. DIML was awarded "laboratory as excellent" by the support program of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development in 2005.

Our alumni are actively involved in both academic and industrial settings. Please refer to the Alumni section for more information.

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